Dynamic List View Layout Grid Color

Hello,  I am currently making a list view that will show a list of “batches” that need to go into production for our customers, they have varying levels of priority such as “critical” I am attempting to make the background of the layout grid box turn red or yellow to catch the attention of the user when the value of the current object being listed is ‘critical’. The priority levels are currently being provided via an enumeration list.  For example if I wanted to apply the default “danger” class to this box is this possible? Or would I need to make a new class in the custom sass files?  Thanks in advance. 
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Use containers instead of layout grids, or put a container in your layout grid with class 'alert alert-danger' 

You can even set these in the appearance tab of a container in Mx8 or higher. You can also use dynamic classes to set the class based on an attribute.