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Hi,   Currently I'm working on implementing Oauth authentication to the app using Azure AD. I'm building it similarly as in the example here: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/110989 Great resource and I have managed to implement the published rest service and log in user using Azure. However the problem with the example is that it’s still using the default Mendix login page with just an additional button to log in with Oauth. What I would like to build is that whenever user open the domain let’s say https://www.app-domain.com/ (or http://localhost:8080 when testing locally) then if they are not authenticated they would imediately be rediracted to the Azure authentication page (from Mendix app would call the published rest service) instead of seeing the default Mendix login page. Any pointers on what should I do to achieve such flow?   UPDATED: Here is an example of what you see in the demo app when you open the app.   You are redirected to the Mendix login page where you have a button to log in with oauth which will call the published rest service. But is it possible to bypass this page? I'm guessing calling the login service from "AfterStartup” microflow wouldn't be the correct approach?
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Hi Karlis

If I understand your question correctly, you don’t want the login-landingpage, you want to get immediately re-directed to you login at the Microsoft Azure AD. I’m not a big fan of that approach, but in the end: that’s your call :)

You can implement an ‘Anonymous’-profile-logic that redirects to a home-page that makes use of the URL redirector widget: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/115219

Hope this helps!

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