Updating Versions

When updating to a newer version the programming within my entire app gets erased and I’m starting with a blank slate again? Thankfully I noticed this in a test version when I went to open it and it said “This version is no longer supported” and I clicked Upgrade – then the app opened and everything was gone. This was done in Studio but I tried it out with a test in Studio Pro and same thing happens. I can’t imagine this is what is supposed to happen – what am I doing wrong? 
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9.1.1 is no longer supported by Mendix since the release of 9.6.0 a couple of days ago. But upgrading should not be an issue. Weird stuff going on.

Maybe it is a workaround to download and install Mendix Studio Pro 9.5.1 and open and upgrade your app to 9.5.1 first. Then upgrade to 9.6.0