Converting the database after migrating from 2.4 - 2.5 - with the system.user table.

I've an application with an entity called Employee. This entity has a generalization with the system.user. Due to the changes in 2.5 i need to create a new entity called EmployeeAccount with a reference to te Employee. This new entity has a generalization to Administration.Account. How can I convert the data from the 2.4 database to the new situation in 2.5 without losing information? I assume i need to create a SQL script to copy the data from the table system.user to administration.account AND i need to set the reference to the new attribuut called EmployeeAccount. Does anyone have experience with this situation?
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You don't have to change anything if you don't want to. The Administration module is just added to Mendix projects for your convenience, so you always have a way to create user accounts without first having to create forms and/or microflows for this purpose.

When you already have some form of user administration in your project (sounds like you have, as you stated you've got Employee entities inheriting from System.User and I'm assuming you also have some way to create/edit these objects including their username/password and permissions), you could just delete the entire Administration module (or only keep the parts that are still useful to you).