Migrating codebase after migration to Cloud V4

We had two old applications that were still running on the Cloud V3 and I recently migrated them to the Cloud V4. I created two new applications, <application-name>-v4, and used the Migration tool to migrate the database & files. But these two new Mendix projects still have an ‘empty’ team server and new development (albeit questionable if there will be any..) is not possible on the new project, as of right now.  I understand I can simply ‘Import Project package’ and import the current state of the V3 application, but I cannot migrate the team server with the entire commit history. I’m surprised the complete ‘import project package’ is missing in the migration documentation – or am I missing something in regard to Migration v3-v4 and your code base? Just adding this forum topic here to be sure. :)
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Hi Sander,

you’ll need to switch the nodes on the V3 and v4 project. However Mendix can’t do this directly so you’ll need a third app.

Create a new application, name it migration. Make sure you’re TC of all applications.

Open the migration app and select the V3 node, now open the V3 application and you’ll notice it doesn’t have the environments anymore. Now select the V4 node here. Then open the V4 application and select the node that is currently under the migration app. 

This way the nodes are switched from v3 to v4. You should now have all the project information and history in your v4 application


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