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I created a page with different items on it, like a dropbox, textboxes, different grids etc. I want to tweak the pages a bit so it looks a little bit better. But when I use different allignments or change the width of of layout grids, my whole page often gets screwed over more than it solves a better solution. Is there another way in Mendix how to do this easier? Or is there any other program a little bit compatible with Mendix that uses 1 of these files for the layout? (I'm really newbie in programming as well to mendix).
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Placing a lot of entities on the same page and maintaining a pretty layout is a challenge. You will not find a magic simple answer like ‘press this button’ or ‘use this tool’ that solves this problem. It does take some ui-expertise.


  • limit the number of entities on the screen
  • know the screen-sizes that you are creation this for
  • follow academy courses on UI-design like