Set start folder for browsing in File Manager widget

Hello, Is it possible to set the start folder which File Manager uses after pressing the "Browse” button.  I need to browse through a rather deep folder structure like \\\department\chemicals\liquids\*.pdf   however the browse starts from a local folder on my c: which makes it for users hard to navigate to the correct folder and selecting the correct file. Actually I only need to store the link of the selected file in a database, so if there is another option of loading the folder contents (read: filenames) in a list and have the user select a file(name) from the list it would solve my problem too. Anyone has an idea?
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Don’t think it’s possible and reasonable.

Every user uses different computer, therefor the path to the file is different.

for example, user A stores a.pdf on their c:\, they can just click browse pick from there. user B stores a.pdf in a very deep folder, let’s say \\\department\chemicals\liquids\a.pdf .

So you can not specify a common path for the file manager.