Rapid switching of user account / multiple browser instances and sessions

We have a customer running a Mendix 2.4 application. The application is used for 'real-time' processing of order information, changing statusses, adding information etc. and is accessed by multiple different users frequently (250-500+ times) during the day. They are all working on the same computer. However, each user must work under their own user account to ensure separation of responsibility etc. (also for auditing purposes). It is not an option for the customer for each user to log on and off all the time, as this is too inefficient. The customer uses a different application that is capable of doing just that. In the top right corner, there is a sort of 'quick login' box where the user can provide his credentials. Then, after a timeout of say 5 minutes, the user is automatically 'logged off' and anyone wanting to use the application first has to provide his credentials again. They have tried using different browser instances on the same machine, but this doesn't work and only introduces a new issue. The theme shows the name of the currently logged on user in the top pane. When a second user logs on in a different browser instance, that becomes the current session in all browser instances. Then, when the first user goes back to 'his' browser instance and performs an action, this is quietly done under the second user's account, even though the top pane shows the first user's name. So... I have 1 question and 1 issue: Question: Is it possible to create a form and/or custom widget that enables the user to switch account rapidly? Perhaps this is possible using a Java action? Any ideas? Issue: Is it possible to enable the application to work with multiple browser instances at the same time on the same computer? Without 'leaking' the session of the last logged on user to the other instances? Thanks, Jonathan van Alteren FlowFabric
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First of all, the user session is tied to a cookie and these are shared across all instances of the same browser (and across all ports on the same URL).

If you are using Firefox you can set up separate profiles and attach each profile to a different launch icon (with -P). Combining that with the '-no-remote' option means that the different browser instances don't share data. See, http://kb.mozillazine.org/Commandlinearguments for all options.

Secondly, 2.4 doesn't officially come with support for custom widgets, however it is possible to hard-code custom widgets into the layout of a theme package. A custom widget that allows a new user to login in inside an existing session wouldn't be too much of a stretch as long as you don't mind that being followed by a page refresh.


Thanks for your clear answer.

I know 2.4 doesn't officially support custom widgets. However, we are planning to upgrade the application to 2.5.

I've been wanting to dive into custom widget development. I will check out the new documentation on the subject. I would appreciate any hints or tips to get me started on your proposed 'new user login' functionality.