How to insert data on a pre-printed form

Hi Team , I have a situation in my current project where I am receiving on form from client and I have to insert data on that form from Mendix . Is there any way we can insert data on pre-printed form in Mendix . It can easily managed by document generation but we have a requirement that we have to use the specific form only and insert data on that from Mendix .
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If it is a PDF form you are referring to, then you can try one of the two methods below:

Method 1:

- Using overlay’s

- Create a document that fits the text fields on your existing document

- Fill the values in the text fields on your created document

- Using OverlayPdfDocument in community commons, you can keep your existing PDF on the background and overlay the values on top of the existing form.

- IMHO, this is more maintainable

Method 2:

- Write a Java class, which can put some text on the PDF on a given location

- You can use PDPageContentStream for the same