Container (incl. button with render mode set to link and glyphicon) to be highlighted when hovered

Hi,   I want the background colour of the button with render mode set to link (open page), as well as the border of the glyphicon to be highlighted grey when hovered.  Does someone know how to do this with CSS? This is what I’ve got so far:   .card {   padding: 30px;   border: 1px solid $border-color-default;   border-radius: $border-radius-default;   background-color: #FFFFFF;   &:hover{     background-color: #d4d7da;     .glyphicon{       color: #48B0F7;       background-color: #d4d7da;       }     }   }       Thanks in advance.
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Looks like the "background-color: #FFFFFF;” of card class needs to change as well. Try using “!important” in the hover part.

“background-color: #d4d7da !important;”