Native app version (build number or revision)

Dear all, We are looking for a way to identify the build or revision version of our native app and display this version in the app. This way we can make sure the users are using the best/latest version. I know we can use constants but these can be set in sprintr, so not reliable.  The model version can also be retrieved but this is just the version of the build running in sprintr-production (Core.getModelVersion()). This does not mean that the native app has a certain version number, so also not usable. Any thoughts? Kind regards, Mark de Rover    
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You could use the build API for that. See documentation here:

But if you want to automate the right version you might want to put some special text in the description of the deployment package. Then in an afterstarup microflow retrieve the list of packages and filter on this text. You then have your latest deployed package and you could get the details of it with the API and update the fieldd that shows it to your users.





I always just set the version number as plain text on a page in the app each time I make a build.