Were can I post feedback on the new 9.6 studio pro.

Hi Guys We have upgraded to the new studio pro.  Were can I give feedback to help improve the system. Ive looked for the feedback button in the modeler but cant find it. :-) We really love 9.6.1 and are excited in the direct things are going. We use alot of Queues in our system and see a major speed and management improvement there. Our native Application which we built in version 9 had to use rest services to communicate to our back office in version 7. We can now use one instance and get rid of the rest services. The UI is awesome. There are a few small things that are inconsistent and slowing us down. We would like to improve these. It would also be great to improve the new data grid 2 so we can use one grid across our whole system. Well done Mendix 9.6 is gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many small changes and improvements i suppose we will have to read the documentation. Regards, Patrick
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You can use the ideas section of this forum to suggest improvements.