how to save the data via data grid

  Using date widgets named data grid, I created the above pages.  When I try to save location & availability via the second page, the data I input could not be saved.  I do not know how to fix it. Please advise.  Here is the page structure. 
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Do you have default save button in second page or connected with any microflow. 

If you have a microflow connected, did you gave refresh in client when you commit your location object.


Hi Namie,

The default save button commits the object to the database and thus the added location should appear in data grid.

Some reasons why this doesn’t happen;

  1. Do you have a additional constraint on the datasource of the data grid?
  2. When running locally, sometimes there is a hick-up which causes that the changes don’t show up in the datagrid. a hard stop and start of the app can be of help.