How do you Concat Dynamic and Static Labels in a Document Template?

How do you create this simple string in a document template: Chicago, IL 606046 In other words [city], [state] [zip] In other words [dynamic label] [static label (comma)] [dynamic label] [dynamic label] I’ve tried with a table with four columns. And I imagine that could eventually work if I really finagle the css. But that’s really messy. Is there any way maybe to use the static label and do something like this: %city%, %state% %zip% E  
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Nope, the document template dynamic label doesn't allow you to do such.

What my approach is for many document templates is that I create a Non persistent entity,  with attributes which captures all values I need for the doc template. In the microflow before generating the document, I create an object and fill all attributes with the required data. The document template contains a data view with non persistent entity as data source.

In you case you could add a string attribute, where you concat static and dynamic values and use that as dynamic label value.