Sending emails, an amount of time before the due date, based on other attributes of my object.

I’m building an application that needs to send an email reminder to users 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year in advance of an attribute ‘due date’ based on other attributes such as decimal Price and Enumeration ContractType. I am unsure of how I would begin to handle this, all emails could be sent from the same address but would need to be sent to different addresses, specifically the user’s email. 
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Additional to Mike 

Use a scheduled event to check nightly if reminders needs to be send and if, send them



For sending emails, you can use the Email Templates module from the Marketplace ( ).  This module has examples of how to send an email with information like the from and to address, subject line and body populated with information from your app.  After you’ve installed this module and have it running, you should post any further questions in the Forum.

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