PendingLink object is empty

Hello there :)   Can you maybe help me with this problem?  I've created a deeplink, and it works fine, as long as I keep the default deeplink.login page (by keeping the LoginLocation constant empty). In my debugger I see that the PendingLink object is found, and that the deeplink is executed. This is great. But, when I change the LoginLocation constant to my custom login page (http://localhost:8080/index.html?&f=true&cont=), I noticed that the PendingLink object is empty when I call the DeeplinkHome microflow in my navigation and therefore the deeplink is not executed.. Why is there no PendingLink? What am I missing? Kind regards, Alies   Lennart Spaans, thank you very much for your time and answer and helping me to find what was missing: - Set the Sign-in page to our custom login page - Set  '../..?cont=’ as LoginLocation constant - Added the suggested javascript in a html snippet on our login page.    It works now :) 
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Hi Alies,

Perhaps this previous forumpost can point you in the right direction?