How to handle modeled SOAP faults

We are consuming a webservice that can return a modeled SOAP fault. The XML structure of these faults are defined in the WSDL but it seems that they are not available in the Business Modeler. The WSDL of the webservice contains something like: <wsdl:operation name="GetSomething"> <wsdl:input wsaw:Action="" message="tns:GetSomething_InputMessage"/> <wsdl:output wsaw:Action="" message="tns:GetSomething_OutputMessage"/> <wsdl:fault wsaw:Action="" name="NotFoundFault" message="tns:GetSomething_NotFoundFault_FaultMessage"/> <wsdl:fault wsaw:Action="" name="ArgumentFault" message="tns:GetSomething_ArgumentFault_FaultMessage"/> <wsdl:fault wsaw:Action="" name="ApplicationFault" message="tns:GetSomething_ApplicationFault_FaultMessage"/> </wsdl:operation> How can we handle modeled SOAP faults in Mendix?
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