Native Deep Link Not Working

Hi All I have been trying to implement a Native Deep Link (app://myapp URL which opens the Native app from a browser). I think I have followed all the steps in the documentation ( however it just does not seem to work on an actual device. Does anyone have any tips for troubleshooting this or common issues? Feels like I’ve just missed a step somewhere. Many thanks Native app built in the cloud using the ‘Build Native App’ 
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I had the same problem when trying to open the app using a deeplink url sent by mail. I couldn't get the app to open. As a workaround I use an extra page(for example native-deeplink.html) in the theme folder to forward the user from the web environment to the app.


    Forwarding to MyApp
    <a href="" id="applink">Click here if you are not forwarded to the MyApp application.</a>
        function getQueryString(){
            var queryString =;
            queryString = queryString.substring(1);
            queryString = queryString.replace("=", '/');
            return queryString;
        window.location = 'myapp://link/'+getQueryString();
        document.getElementById("applink").setAttribute('href', 'myapp://link/'+getQueryString());



The make-it-native app has a built-in scheme. Test out your deeplink handler nanoflow in the MiN app by placing a breakpoint there and if that all seems to work, your logic is correct. Then you can make a build using your own scheme and check if your deeplink handler is called.