Retrieving Image URL

Hi,   I  have stored images in ‘image’ entity. I need to send this Image URL via an API, how can retrieve the Image URL from image Object?   Thanks!
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Hi Muhammed,

Image url's are always generated in the same manner. If you download an image, you can see which was the original download url. It looks like this:


You can retrieve the guid and application url in a microflow and construct the url like that.

Name parameter is optional but makes sure the resulting image has a correct filename.

Note that you need to have an active session with the Mendix app (even just an Anonymous session), otherwise you will get a 401 error.


You could use the Deeplink module in the Marketplace to create a dedicated URL for the API to call.

The deeplink will need to be a microflow that retrieves the correct image and returns it.

Hope this helps.