Software Architecture in Low Code?

Hi there, I am doing some personal research how clean Software Architecture in Low Code-Apps can be realized. There are lot of examples / books / blogs for C#, Java… out there. But up to now I did not find any Low Code / Mendix-related literature.  Is there anything that you would recommend? Thanks! Tjark
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I found some papers (not specifically Mendix) in academic journals while researching this as part of a postgrad course. It’s an area that doesn’t have many peer reviewed papers if that is what you need. Most of these are in journals that are behind paywalls and can’t be shared publicly.

If you are looking for Mendix best practice, then there are some excellent blog posts that may be of use.

This post by Ryan has a lot of very useful tips to remember when building a Mendix application,

Hope this is of some help.