How do you select an item using a page with a listview for a reference selector?

I am using a page to select my items for a reference selector. The page contains a listview. When I open the page, radio buttons have been added to the listview and reflect the current value that has been selected. I can select another item but cannot find the option to activate that selection. When I close the page, the old value is still active. Using a data grid, a select button is required, the list view does not provide such an option.  
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when you close the page, make sure you’re really using a “close page” action and not the “cancel changes” action. Cancel Changes will in fact roll back any changes that were made, whereas Close Page will simply close the page.

To configure the default behavior of the little “x” button, check the page properties for the property called “close action” and make sure that it’s also set to “close page”.

I hope this helps!

Edit with screenshot of generated ListView Select page:

See it in action: