What is the difference between Microflow and Nanoflow

I have never used Nanoflow, but how is it useful?
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Using nanoflow we can run OFF line ,

basically nanoflow is used for native mobile app development, 

microflow runs on server side but nanoflow runs on client side,

Nanoflows are similar to microflows, in that they allow you to express the logic of your application. However, they do have some specific benefits (for example, they run directly on the browser/device and can be used in an offline app.

The main difference between a microflow and nanoflow is that a microflow runs on the server and a nanoflow runs in the client. Currently nanoflows are most beneficial in offline apps  


The microflow runs on the server side, and the nanoflows runs on client side. That’s why you can call REST in microflow, and JavaScript actions in nanoflow.