Student project: Internal knowledge base for a production company

Hi! We are a group of students that are working with a production company to help them communicate and manage knowledge more efficiently. So far, we have created a data model and wireframes for the system, and we are currently working on implementing the layout pages and workflows needed for the specified functionality.  However, none of us have worked in Mendix before and only have the basic knowledge provided by the Rapid Developer Certification. Therefore, we wanted to ask the community if anybody has any tips, feedback, or advice regarding our work so far, which can be seen below:  Functions: Must have •Text fields for sharing notes, feedback, and information for both general knowledge and product specific knowledge •Search engine to enable quick and easy access to the needed information •Attachment of files like images, drawings, and PDF •User profiles with contact information, unique login to the system, and logging of when a user creates or edits something •Simple and open-source system infrastructure with options for alternative functions and configurations •Text editor for the creation of articles and pages with best practice notes, procedures, protocols, and general knowledge Should have •Customer profiles with past orders, feedback, notes, and agreements •Structure options to organize the articles and pages into sections and categories •Table editor for showing routes and information related to the specific route •Import and export of data to minimize manual workload Navigation flow:  Wireframes:    Data model: 
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Some quick remarks. I miss the connection between KnowledgeBse and ProductGroup or Product. Because in my opinion I want to know information about a productgroup or product and I would then want to see all there is in the knowledge base about that product group or product. And you might want to think on how to transform a Notes to a Information or KnowledgeBase object. Because is someone created a note but that note is valuable you want to transform that to either a information or a knowledgebase. And you might want to think about those two entities. Is it like a category and a subcategory?





Don’t start with a blank app but instead start with Base-application:

This will save you a lot of time and effort for:

  • Creating the login-page,
  • User profiles with contact information, unique login to the system, and logging of when a user creates or edits something
  • the employee-page

And it will give you a solid high-quality basis.

And you will have a lot of code to investigate and learn how-its-done-in-Mendix.