Can we fetch the data from multiple entities in one page?

I have created an railway reservation application. In that app I have created two entities for passenger and train in domain model. I want to display the details of passenger and train details in the final ticket page. But whenever I tried to fetch the data, some error occured Can we fetch the data from multiple entities in one page?
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Yes it can, but you cannot have two dataview with datasource context/page parameter.

In you case; you want to show the train details of a trip and the passenger details, taking the trip.

So you must have a relation between the passenger and the train in your domain model.

I would start with a dataview passenger, containing a nested dataview of train, which has datasource; context with path form passenger to train.

If you don’t have an association between them; ensure you have


Place one of the two dataviews inside the other (say: train-dataview inside passenger dataview) and give a microflow as datasource. Make that microflow have an input parameter and make it return a list of objects.