Set focus to top of page (after validations)

Is there a easy (or hard) way to set the focus to the top of my page after validations? After pressing the microflow button with the validations at the button of my screen the focus stays here. My wish is that the focus will show me the top of the page (where I start when I open this page) I already tried: - widget: ScrollToAnchor (doens't work) - widget: SetFocusOnErrorWidget (doens't work) - reopening the page / refreshing the page after validations in my flow :-) Thanks!
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Hi Cillus,

Scroll to anchor should work, I had the similar issue where I wanted my application to scroll to top of the page and this was solved by using scroll to anchor widget created by Simon Black. Try configuring the widget again, if you want to scroll to top on validation error then set the widget scroll option to 'on validation' and make sure you use correct 'region to scroll' class (see the description in the widget). If you are using widget with context that is by passing in the attribute value then make sure within your microflow button you change the anchor name attribute same as the class name you have set on anchor widget if the validation check fail. Once you configure it right this widget works perfectly fine.

Hope this helps!


The scroll to anchor seems to work now!

Proberly a validation popup threw some soot in the food.