Buttons/Links Greyed Out and Not Clickable in Preview

Disclaimer: I am a student working on an amateur app; your patience is appreciated. I’ve been working on a registration and login sequence for my app. In this sequence, there is a link that calls a microflow. When I run the app locally, sometimes the link shows up, sometimes it does not. I put visibility on “ignore security” in hopes that would solve the issue. It created a new issue. Now the link shows (sometimes), but it only occasionally "lights up". It is never clickable, even on the rare occasion that it lights up. If you exit the perspective of one User Role for another and then go back (e.g. move from Anonymous to Admin, then back to Anonymous) the link is always faded AND unclickable. My app also has a feature that allows you to add comments to a list. The button that’s supposed to let you add comments is constantly greyed out. The button should take you to a popup layout page that then allows you to fill out your comment. It then saves that comment to a list of comments.   Any idea what’s going on here? Thank you in advance for your insight.
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As a lot can influence this behavior, the first thing I would check is;

Is the button placed inside a dataview and does the microflow connected to this button use the dataview object as input parameter.
If so; check if an object is existing when accessing the page.


On the registration and login page any person will always be anonymous. Add some screenshots to explain the link appearing/not appearing/not clickable more clearly.

For the ‘add comment’ feature: make sure that the popup page has property ‘visibility’ set to a module-userrole of the logged in user.