Translate data - reference selector dropdown

Hi,   How can I translate the contents of reference selector drop down ? Mendix default translation works only with the content provided in studio and not data -as far as I know. Can anyone help?   Thanks
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Its not about translating the contents of a reference selector. Its about having your data in your app translated.

So big question is; must ALL data be translated in the app. or only a specific set of entities, which are actually dynamic enumeration lists?

in first case; good luck, if you have a solution, please let me know ;-)

In the second case; on what is this translation depending?
When you have this clear you could solve as follows;

This domain model

This datasource microflow for the calculated attribute Value of entity ValueYouWantToSelect

This page

And of course you need pages for a user, where the ValueYouWantToSelect and TranslationOptions can be maintained