MSc Information Management research study (survey); Most important features of low-code platforms

Dear fellow Mendix users, I am currently writing my thesis at NXP Semiconductors on a research study related to low-code platforms and was wondering if you could help me with filling in a small survey. The research study focuses on the question of what the most important features are of low-code platforms? Examples of these platforms are OutSystems, UiPath, ServiceNow, Mendix, Liferay, Appian Corporation, Salesforce, Winshuttle, Power automate, and Power Apps. Every low-code platform has its strengths and weaknesses and having a list of criteria to assess them against contributes to the question of which use case is most suitable for which low-code platform? The goal is to create a list of validated features, which can be used to create a taxonomy to compare low-code platforms. We will randomly give away three € 25,- gift cards, among the people that fill in their email address. The study results can be made available to you if you submit your email address. The data is anonymized for potential publications. I am specifically interested in citizen developers that have worked with these platforms. Further distribution among other citizen developers is highly encouraged. For more information and/or comments feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Matthijs

I took the liberty to fill in your form :) However, my feedback:

  • You ask the right questions. However, if your target audience are “citizen developers”, I predict that not all questions will be all that clear. They are quite technical or go quite deep, you often need a deep understanding of Mendix to answer them properly.
  • I hope you get your audience, I don’t know if this is the right place to get them (maybe LinkedIn is, or reach out to consultancy firms, or ...)
  • Quite some low-code frameworks your investigate, again: I hope you get your audience :)


FYI, the strength of Mendix is that it scores at least an overall “good” on all your questions ;)

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,



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