Datagrid 2.0 with many to many

Hi all   Before I used datagrid 2.0 it was possible to show values of an entity linked to my selected entity which was connected  with many to many. However for datagrid 2.0 this seems not possible. Am I missing something?   Kind regards   Kevin
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Hi Kevin,

Since this is of course a new functionality, I don't think many people can answer your question from experience. I just did a test on the Datagrid 2 and indeed I can't get it to work in any way. The documentation ( doesn't say anything about it either. It seems that from now on we should indeed create our own concatinated strings so that we can display this in a datagrid if we want to use the new datagrid 2.0.


Hi Sjors

Thanks for your answer. Quite odd though, you would expect that datagrid 2.0 should offer more possibilities and not less :)


Kind regards