Define authorizations for users

I have 2 questions: 1. When the user creates an account, he should be able to choose who he is. (for example key users or standard users). if he would then log in, he would automatically get the permissions that are due to him. 2. How can I assign authorizations to a user, that doesn't mean that he has certain pages in the navigation bar or not. Special reading, writing, specific fields or tables. Maybe there are tutorials accordingly?
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  1. You can only assign a default user-role for that user that get registered, I’ve never saw an option for the user to choose it’s own permissions during register on mendix.
  2. For this question, maybe you should check this part of the docs that explains about user-roles: User Roles - Studio Pro 9 Guide | Mendix Documentation here you can define all those permissions that you said.

I am trying to answer the question without understanding your domain model and functionality.

  1. Assuming you have already figured out the part of user registering himself, you can directly show the User roles in reference selector and allow the user to select roles. Or you can try adding some Checkbox to determine the type of user. Based on the checkbox value, you can try to assign the userroles via Microflow that saves the registered user to database. 
    • If you havnt figured out how to register a user by himself, then that can be done with Anonymous users and providing access to the pages and proper entity
    • Refer the Administration module user creation screen for showing user roles
    • Just out of topic: I dont know why a user should assign himself a role in the system. Is’nt that a directly contributing to security aspects of application. Anyway I will let you think about this.
  2. I do not understand this question fully. 
    • For providing access, you must have proper user roles and module roles. User roles must be connected with Module roles.
    • If you want a user to be Readonly, then the best choice is, create a userrole and modulerole called ReadOnly. Add the moduleroles to the user role. 
    • Then when assigning the user readonly role, he will get readonly access to those modules.
    • You must read : and probably the learning paths in academy