Tooltip form on a datagrid showing out of screen

I have a datagrid with just one column Name and I attached a read-only dataview form with a related reference selector as Tooltip form to it. The tooltip form shows all the right data only the tooltip appears outside my screen, besides the datagrid, so I have to scroll right while keeping my mouse of the item to see it. How can I change this to show over my datagrid or at least within my window?
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It seems it put the tooltip next to the column you hover over. If there is only 1 column spanning the entire datagrid, this means it shows up outside the screen as the datagrid is 100% width.

If I insert a second column and split them 50/50, the tooltip shows up over the second column if I hover over the first and vice versa.

Good to know.


As far as I know this is not possible, that's because you can't change the position of the tooltip.