Listen to widget - ON CHANGE

Hi experts, I have a screen similar to below and has problem with “listen to widget” and the pageparameter. Is there any way to reset the pageparameter each time as different record is selected from datagrid  sth like ON RENDER event?   Challenges I tried Tried using HTMLSnippet to check false each time, and it seems work on the screen, but the value has not been changed in memory. Tried using “Event- on leave/on change”. Created a text box for “Full name” and “call a microflow” on Events, but the “on change event” has not been triggerd.   $(document).ready(function(){ var cb_1 = $('.mx-name-checkBox_1 input[type=checkbox]'); var cb_2 = $('.mx-name-checkBox_2 input[type=checkbox]'); cb_1[0].checked=false; cb_2[0].checked=false; });     thank you in advance, Yuki
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Why do you want to reset the page parameter? As there is no relation between the grid and the dataview object?

My gut feeling says you want to actieve something in a complex way, which can be done easier using mx defaults



This procedure worked fine with changing value each time different dataview shown by LISTEN to WIDGET


1.Create a “call microflow button” with a microflow that you want to trigger each time by the different record selected.

2.Set the button style “display: none;”.

3.Create a HTMLSnippet of JavaScript with JQuery, and write the contents as below/