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Hi all, I am using the email template module in order to send customized email messages. I am able to send emails just fine through Gmail’s smtp, but when I add an HTML formatted email template with the CSS style within it, the email arrives to the destination inbox without actually being formatted. As a receiver of the email, I see all of the HTML and CSS ‘coding’ of the email template together with the properly filled tokens and text.  If I copy and paste all of that into Notepad and open it with the browser, it displays the message correctly and nicely formatted as I would want it to be. I made all of the settings on Outlook and can see other emails that have CSS formatting, but not this one. Can you please help with solutions on how to fix this? Is there anything special that I need to do? Many thanks!
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Hi Razvan,

Not sure what is going wrong without looking at the specific HTML and style, but I believe Gmail doesn't support the style (<style>...</style>) block in the head of your e-mails. You should be able to use inline styles however…

See here for more info:



You can replace richtext widget with this  Mendix Marketplace - CKEditor For Mendix which will allow you lot more customization and styling options. Hope this helps