Incorrect login page

I am working on a project with a built-in database, config= development, and set the application root URL to http://localhost:8080. The project has several users with different user roles. When I log out, and log in back again with the same user role, I get whatever page I logged out from rather than the home page I expect to see for this role. After a bit of experimenting, I noticed that when I log out the URL on the browser does not get reset to http://localhost:8080. Instead it keeps the same anchor it had before I logged out, e.g. http://localhost:8080/#1280919695531_226. I suspect that when I log in again this is the reason why I end up in the same page. The microflow that should be called when I log back in is not executed, so I think this is a client issue. If I set the application root URL to http://localhost:8080/login.html, the problem goes away (the URL loses the #.. anchor when I log out), but the login page does not have the syle (theme) for the project. Can anybody help? Franco
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This indeed is a client issue. We have already received a bug report for this issue, it is scheduled to be fixed in 2.5.1.