Programming with Excel and Mendix together

I would like to write codes (programming) using Excel and link them to Mednix, which should then be visible. Is that possible? or does mendix only work with excel when mendix reads attributes (name, address, etc.) from the excel sheet and then inserts them into the tables
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Hello Aleyna,

For the best answer, more details on the use case are required. I assume that you want the Mendix Data(base) to be the “single version of the truth”. The second assumption is that you want Excel to retrieve central data, modify it, and write it back.

In order to have the best control of the data, I would implement REST services for reading that data into Excel and to use similar technology for writing the data (REST post). 

Can you elaborate more on your use case?





Thanks for the answer, actually it's almost like you said I want to.

The question is definitely asked in general, at the moment I don't have a specific case. But for me and my company it would be advantageous to be able to write codes myself using excel, which can then be viewed in Mendix.

If that works with true or false / microflows query, I am open to it. But how can I connect them if that should work?





There is no functionality available (as fare as I know) that merges the formulas or VBA code in Excel with a Mendix App. You might consider this:

  • What should be the source of data (Excel or Mendix)
  • How to make the integration between Excel and Mendix (Odata, imports or exports)
  • Where to put the business logic (Excel code, or Mendix logic using microflows)
  • What to do with the data after the business logic (for example, multiple users, editable, graphical)