Java action not implemented

Hello. I was trying to use java action for auto-login after registration but whenever I run the app and try to register, a error pops out in mendix and says that java action is not implemented. What is the cause of this? Is there a way where I can fix this? Thank you in advance!!
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your code must be within // BEGIN USER CODE and // END USER CODE 

and needs to synchronize the project directory 




Have you written any logic within the Java action using Eclipse.

Note, you must write your logic within executeAction method and all your custom logic must be within // BEGIN USER CODE and // END USER CODE.

If you want add new methods, you can do that within // BEGIN EXTRA CODE and // END EXTRA CODE.

And replace the line “throw new exception “ that was default within executeAction method with your custom logic.


A good place to start would be to look at the Mendix SSO module in the Marketplace. If you are comfortable with Java, you could look there and lift code that logs the user in once they have validated themselves on the external service.