Prevent Flat File Importer from creating duplicate objects?

I create objects from a flat file. Each day I get a new file, which may contain updated info for an object created from a prior day's file. I want to replace the old info with the new info. For example, Day 1 file: ObjID Attribute1 a 123 b 135 Day 2 file, containing a new object (c) and an update for an existing object (b): ObjID Attribute1 b 149 c 235 When I import the day 2 file, I need to change the value of Attribute1 of the object (b) from 135 to 149. So the table changes from this a 123 b 135 to this a 123 b 149 c 235 What is the best way to do this with the Flat File Importer? Thanks in advance.
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As stated by Bart this option isn't available in the module. The purpose of the module is getting the data into your Mendix app and further processing and logic should be handled with standard Mendix functionality. The way I use this is to import the data into an interface table (entity) and perform the processing to the operational tables afterwards.