Keep track of selected object in Listview when returning to page

Hi All, Current situation: We have a page with a list view where we can click on a button to show a new page. On the next page ( full page) a user can click a button that triggers a microflow that does some actions but at the end it closed the current page. In that way we return to the original page. The problem is however that the list is shown again at the top, where in my example I selected an object at the bottom of the list. Is there some kind of way to return to the page and keep the position in the list as it was?   I tried to see if there is a difference with a show page and close page but both return me to the top of the list. 
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There used to be a Selection Helper widget, but this one is deprecated. You might take a look at this forum tread, where is a combination between a DataGrid and a List View. 


What I normally do in these situations is use a non persistable helper object and connect the selected record to the helper object, when the object is selected. 

Then, you can set a custom background to the listview item, so it looks selected. Use dynamic classes to set this up, like this: if $listviewobject/listviewobject_selectedhelperobject = $helperobject then 'customclass' else '' 

This pattern comes in handy as you don't depend on one page, you'll be able to use the selected object everywhere by retrieving it from the helperobject (that is connected to your session or user) 


One option is to use a popup with really large dimensions so it is (almost) full screen on the various screen sizes. The grid will not move as the other page remains loaded.


Other option is to use my Simple List widget, which allows control of the item that is selected and allows you to scroll a given item into view.