CRITICAL - Logging: Logging initialization failed!

Hi all, Since a about a week I regularly get this critical in my application: CRITICAL - Logging: Logging initialization failed! Log level cannot be set, because this class is already intitialized. Make sure to set the log level before the first call to getInstance(). It is caused by the logging module from the App Store. The weird thing is that the process that generates this message is in the After Start Up but the error occurs when the app is already running for 30 minutes to an hour. It causes my environments in sprintr to have a “red cross”, indicating that there is something wrong with it. However the application is running fine and also the logging module has started correctly and all the logging is shown in the application.  I first thought that it had something to do with the Before Shutdown nog working properly but I have updated this and that didn't solve this critical from occurring. IS anyone familiar with this error and do you know how to solve it? Thanks alot in advance!
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Are you calling AfterStartup or InitializeLogSubscriber in the Logging module anywhere other than your main after startup microflow? Can this ever get called more than once?

The error message would seem to imply that it was run successfully when the application started, but it is trying to be run again somewhere, and this is the error you are seeing.

I use the logging module in my applications and I’ve not come across this before. Looking at the Java code, the error message is only returned if the Logging module is attempted to be initialized more than once.