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  Hello, I need to add a file. but I can't choose one. I followed the instructions in it says that one is created automatically, it did not work. Then I wanted to create my own but don't know exactly how it works.   I used this tutorial: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide7/how-to-create-your-own-documents this is my error message:
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Hi Aleyna,

In order for this to work you need to add a file entity to the create document action.

  1. In you domain model you need to make an entity which is a generalization of system.filedocument.
  2. When you start the microflow where you create the document you create a new object of this entity.
  3. As file you select the newly created object, this is the entity in which the file will be saved.


Hope this works for you



Now I have to insert the document template, but was this template created in the tutorial or is it created by us? A blank page comes to me and when I insert a data view, no lines are filled anyway. I do not know how to proceed and it is not described in detail in the tutorial, I do not understand it.

In the first picture is the example from the tutorial and in the second the one how it looks for me, I hope I could explain it.