Data structure through rest export

Hi all,  I’ve been working with out company's data team who are not able to see associations within the data when exporting via a REST API.  Rather than setting up my own unique IDs that link tables together, as I know Mendix already has these built into the background when you create associations, could they be missing something or is there an option I need to configure.  The export mapping is set up in a way that keeps the associations. I just want to work out if there is something different either I or they could be doing to allow the data hierarchy to be clear for them without adding our own unique IDs.   EDIT: I note that Odata allows you to have the ID field exported – can this also export the association table as well? In this example the table with the IDs of Support Plans and Sections 
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From my experience:

- Yes with REST you cannot export ID. If you want to SYNC two different applications with same data, then you must actually work with some sort of Unique ID. Without an unique ID if you are exporting the data with export mapping the associations will be maintained, but probably difficult to interpret and arrive and associations.

- See if you can have another service which can send the schema probably. Then your data team, could check the schema. SOAP is also another alternative for data transfer with Schema validation.

- For ODATA, you can export the data with ID. Check for the options here: