Long time to peform startup.

I am trying to add a graph to my application. I have created the data set and connected it to a graph that is on one of my dataviews. When i deploy it takes ages for the system to start up. I end up having to kill the java process in order to stop it. Is it usual that with graphs that it takes so long to deploy? I have had a similar problem to this in 2.4, but i am using 2.5 r2 now and I thought that this issue would have improved. If i take the graph off it starts up fine. Has anyone else had similar issues and how do i get around it? After some investigation i found out the problem occurs when you put a graph in a dataview. If you put the graph in a report pane then the problem does not occur. In the modeler is it possible to add a graph without a report pane? The modeler allows you to perform this action, but you deploy i think it gets stuck in a loop on the startup. I think this maybe a bug?
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Hi Simon,

This does seem to be a bug. Could you create a ticket for it in MXDN ?