Can not find the Attributes

Hello, I want to create a dropdown menu with certain attributes that I created in my domain model (first image). I have a data view in which certain attributes are already created and formed into a list, which then insert themselves into the table, everything is fine so far. Now I would like to that some certain labels have a dropdown menu in which only certain things can be filled out (first image). but when I add a dropdown and want to link it to a data source attribute, none is shown to me, so I can't fill in anything.(second image) if I haven't mentioned something then I like to write it to me, I'll do it on the spot. So I want the LOCATION label to have a drop down menu but how can I add the attributes that cannot be seen. (They are also not found outside the grid Or is there another way to solve this "dropdown". The most important thing is that if something has been selected, it must also be visible later (after saving) in the table
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Dropdown can only be used when you have an attribute of type enumeration.

You should create an association between Location and another entity (Tool?).

When you create a new Tool, you can use a reference selector on this association to select the location.


Also you don’t need to create an attibute for every location (in your example RW, VS, ...), but only 1 string attribute (e.g. Name) and you can add all different locations in the entity Location.

I would also recommend to go through the rapid developer course as it will help a lot of understanding the domain model and some widgets!