Problems with the visibility of a non persistent entity over association

I have a structure of entities viewed in a single page ---> page object is a dataview containing a customer entity ---> dataview containing a data entity related to the customer in 1-1 relation ---> a template grid that is filled by a data source microflow retrieving details on this data entity over a 1-* relation and sorting it ---> two dataviews containing the same detail over a 1-1 relation, which is one of these detail items out of the set in this 1-* relation used This last one will not show though when i try to fill it over association, although if i switch it to a data source microflow and retrieve the entity over that same 1-1- association it will. Does anyone know what might be wrong in this scenario?
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did you set the 1:1 with both. or with a single owner ? remember that you need to "build" the relation in both records in that case !