Autofill of fields in a Data Grid

I created a table in which the columns are automatically filled in via a data grid, which worked quite well. I would like certain fields to be filled in automatically, that would be -Date when the table was created -User who created the table -Consecutive ID number (I got that with the AutoNumber) -Sampling date I hope I was able to describe what I need, if not you can write it, I would then answer it immediately so that we can come to a conclusion
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Not entirely sure what you mean by “filled in automatically”, but what you could try is:


-Date when the table was created » use system members properties “createdDate” (see 3.4.1)

-User who created the table » use system members properties “owner” (see 3.4.3)

-Consecutive ID number (I got that with the AutoNumber) » AutoNumber attributes are filled by default

-Sampling date » you probably want to set the “SamplingDate” attribute when creating the object. You can do this by using a custom microflow:



You can then add these columns to your data grid (if that has not happened yet already) by right-clicking a column, then selecting “add column left” or “add column right”. Then double-click the new column and specify the attribute you want.