Show number of minutes as HH:mm

Hi all   I want to convert a number of minutes to HH:mm format and display that as a text in a listview. As an example: 90 Minutes → 1:30   I tried some funcitons in the expression editor but they keep throwing errors. Anyone know how to do this? Seems easy but I can’t get behind it.   Thanks!
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I think using modulo can help here.
Calculate the Minutes not part of a complete hour:

$Example/ExampleInteger mod 60

Calculate the number of Hours:

($Example/ExampleInteger - $Minutes) div 60

Create a string using the Hours and Minutes values, adding leading zeroes if necessary:

(if $Hours < 10 then '0' else '') + toString($Hours) + ':'
(if $Minutes < 10 then '0' else '') + toString($Minutes)



There are likelty java actions out there that do this, however if you want to do it in a microflow. One solution could be to use a microflow to count the number of time 60 can go into the number of seconds, add 1 to a variable called minutes for every 60 seconds, then add on the remainder in a create string variable. 

seconds = 200


if $seconds >= 60 
then $minutes + 1 and $seconds –60
else end loop

Repeat this 

Until $seconds no longer is less than 60 60, then create a string variable


This should output ‘3:20’