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Hi, a user has to option to mark an instance as a favorite and I managed to store this fact. Now I am struggling with displaying an empty star when it has not been selected as a favorite and a full star when it has (and to remove the favorite status).  On top of the page (within a dataview of the object) I have two buttons which call a microflow to set/ remove the favorite status I tried to solve it with the ShowByCondition widget but without success. I still get both options displayed.  The widget is set to: and the buttons also have a class:   (The possibility to set the visibility condition on the buttons does not work as they are triggered when any user sets a particular as a favorite)   Is there something wrong in my configuration?   Additional question: Is it possible to add XPATH statements to the visibility option in order to state conditions based on associations?
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Hey Erwin,

You need to add the following class to your css for the widget to work:

.hiddenByWidget { display: none; }

Have a look at this github documentation:

I had the same issue and adding the class fixed it :)

Hope this helps!

EDIT – Do note that you need to write a microflow to determine when to show the specified container or not.

Additionally, you could also use dynamic classes – they more or less should do the same thing with maybe easier logic.