Question about CKEditor

We are using the CKEditor in our project(s) for creating email templates for example. Basically it works fine and as expected. Except one of our users noted me of a specific (and unexpected) behavior: When you are using the "source" code option, to change the HTML code directly and save the object without leaving the "source" code-mode, changes that are made are not saved. When you first leave the "source" code-mode and then save, it works fine. Is this normal behavior? Is there any way to prevent that changes are not saved because the user is still in "source" code-mode (or at least display a message to warn them first)?
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Hi René,

That seems to be normal behaviour indeed. But, it is actually unwanted behaviour or not documented. As mentioned above, can you place an issue on the Github repository. I am currently testing another issue, so I might be able to look into it right away.