can we look into any widgets code?

can we look into any widgets code.
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As Rohit mentions; Widgets in the marketplace can mostly be found on github.

Contributing to the development and maintenance of these widgets is a community effort.


Next to this; if you want to just go through the code to learn, re-use parts in new widgets then you can have another source.

Each widget downloaded from the marketplace is stored in your model repository. This can be found in …./{WhereEverYourMxModelsAreStored}/{projectfolder}/Widgets

This file are .mpk files. just change extension to .zip and unzip them. voila, the widget code is in your hands.




If it is Mendix widget then yes , you can find them in github. 


Also I noticed when I’ve created custom widget, the sources were available in Source tab of the inspect element window. 

So if you want to debug or see how the code is working you can look there as well. 


So for widgets that were not created by Mendix, it is up to owner if they want to share the full source in github or not.