Show a Page once completes Microflow Execution.

Hi Experts, I have microflow which executes some business logic including REST services On Submit the infomation, once its completes REST Calls Next need redirect to Home page using another SUB slow. Once its redirect completes based on some expressions want to show a popup as last activity after landing into Home page.  The problem is getting popup before complete execution of the microflow which causing to see a progress bar on top of popup. Want to load popup after complete execution of Submit microflow. tried with Asynchrnous and Blocking options not helped.  Any suggestions .   Thank you.  
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Hi Sathya,

After a microflow finishes, an instruction set is send back to the client (browser). This set includes instructions like “show pop-up”, “close page”, “refresh these objects”, “navigate to page”. The exact timing of the progress bar being hidden and these instructions cannot be influenced using a microflow. All instructions are being executed first, before the progress bar is hidden.

As alternative, you could use a nanoflow in between (so: triggered by the button and calling your original microflow). The advantage is that you can show and hide the progress bar using a JavaScriptAction from the Nanoflow commons module, and then you have more control over the timing of hiding the progress bar and showing a message, etc. Think of something like shown below, to which you can add a “Show message” at the end for example.

Don't forget to add error handling like shown below, otherwise your users are stuck with a progress bar which will never disappear.

Hopefully this helps!

Good luck